Test Your Bingo Knowledge with Our Bingo Lingo Quiz!

Test Your Bingo Knowledge with Our Bingo Lingo Quiz!

If you have ever participated in a bingo game, you may have noticed that players use a particular language that sounds unfamiliar to you. This special vernacular is known as “bingo lingo.”

Bingo lingo can differ from region to region and from one game to another, but it usually includes phrases or terms that are related to the game itself or to the traditional way of playing. While some of the pieces of lingo are easy to understand, others are quite complex and require a bit of effort to learn.

If you are new to bingo, you may not have a proper understanding of the terms used by other players. To help you get familiar with the different phrases used, here’s a bingo lingo quiz that will introduce you to the most common expressions used in bingo halls.

Question 1: Which term describes a player who is one number away from winning?

a) One-eyed monster
b) Lucky duck
c) Two fat ladies
d) Two little ducks

Answer: d) Two little ducks.

This expression refers to the number 22 on the bingo card, which looks like two little ducks sitting side by side. When a player has all but one number to win, they are said to be “two little ducks” away from winning.

Question 2: What do you call a bingo card with all its numbers marked off?

a) Full house
b) Coverall
c) Blackout
d) Rainbow

Answer: c) Blackout.

When a player has marked off all the numbers on their bingo card, they have achieved a “blackout,” which also goes by the name “coverall.” At some games, blackouts are usually played as the progressive jackpot.

Question 3: What is the name for the number 8 on a bingo card?

a) Dancing queen
b) Golden gate
c) One fat lady
d) Eighty-eight

Answer: c) One fat lady.

This term may sound derogatory, but it refers to the visual image of the number 8, which looks like a woman with ample curves. Players use this expression to refer to the number 8 when it is called during a bingo game.

Question 4: Which phrase is used when a player has all the numbers on their card except one in a straight line?

a) Horizontal line
b) Diagonal line
c) Vertical line
d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above.

Bingo cards can produce a winning line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Therefore, depending on the directions upheld in the game, players may shout any of these three options in the hopes of winning.

Question 5: What does the number 11 signify in bingo lingo?

a) Two little ducks
b) Legs eleven
c) Two fat ladies
d) Garden gate

Answer: b) Legs eleven.

This phrase comes from the resemblance of the number 11 to a pair of pipe or women legs standing side by side. When the number 11 is called during a bingo game, players shout “legs eleven” in unison as an expression of excitement.

Question 6: How do bingo players call out the number 9?

a) Doctor’s orders
b) Lucky nine
c) Get up and shine
d) Sixty-nine

Answer: a) Doctor’s orders.

Number 9 is often referred to as “doctor’s orders” since it resembles a prescription or medicine tablet with the number 9 imprinted on it. When the number 9 is called out by the caller, players shout “doctor’s orders” to acknowledge the number, especially in a group.

Question 7: What is a “bingo dauber”?

a) A device to scan bingo cards
b) A type of pen used to mark off numbers on a bingo card
c) A special seat in the bingo hall
d) A type of candy

Answer: b) A type of pen used to mark off numbers on a bingo card.

A bingo dauber is a specific pen that players use to mark off numbers on their cards. These pens are different from regular pens, as they use ink that dries quickly without leaving any ink blotches or smudges.

In conclusion, bingo lingo is an integral part of the game, as it adds an extra layer of excitement and fun to the game. Beginners can quickly master the phrases used in various bingo games by participating in quizzes and playing the game. So, the next time you are playing a bingo game, keep these phrases in mind to feel more like a true bingo player. Who knows, you could be the next lucky bingo winner in town.

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