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Introduction: What America Means to Me

The United States of America is a country that welcomes everyone and provides opportunities to those who are willing to work hard. It is a nation built on the ideals of democracy, freedom, and equality. America has been a beacon for those around the world who want to live in a land where they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Throughout history, America has faced many challenges and through those challenges it has been strengthened. People from all over the world have immigrated here because they believe in these founding principles that our country was built on. We as Americans have come together time after time to fight for what we believe in and this is what makes our country great. The United States of America will always remain a beacon of hope for those around the world because this nation was built with one intention – Freedom

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What Kind of American are You?

The United States of America is a country with a lot of diversity. People have different lifestyles, religious beliefs, traditions, cultures, and more. With that being said, it is hard to pinpoint the exact “type” of American one may be. Nevertheless, this section will identify some of the most common American “types” and help you figure out which one you are!

Americans are generally categorized into three types: red states (conservative), blue states (liberal), and purple states (swing). A red state typically has less government involvement in people’s lives and wants more power to be given back to the states. A blue state typically wants social justice for all groups of people and wants more power to be given to the federal government rather than the states. And finally purple states want equal powers between

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10 Interesting Facts About America

1.        America was founded by English settlers in 1607.

2.        The first European settlement in the future United States was established by the Dutch in 1609, at what is now New York City.

3.        The first person born on the continent of America, Virginia Dare, was born on Roanoke Island on August 18, 1587.

4.  The first African slaves were brought to America aboard a Dutch ship in 1619 and forced to work as laborers for colonists who were largely living along the coast of what is now North Carolina and Virginia at that time.

5.  It’s illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon because it’s unsafe to do so since attendants should pump gas because pumping gas can be dangerous

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Bing’s Top 5 American Quizzes

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Conclusion: The Future of America

The big question with this kind of rhetoric is, “What is the goal?” Is it a call for a return to what America was, or is it a call for the totalitarianism of the modern GOP?

It is difficult to discern from Limbaugh’s words which of these two things he is asking for. I think it’s safe to say that he wants a return to what America was in some cases, but he also wants to use his rhetoric to force what America is into